Auto Clicker for PC

Auto Clicker is a mouse clicker that automates the tiresome and repeated operation of clicking the mouse. You can use the free Windows application to build various click patterns and automate them with a single click. Not only does the programme save you time, but it also protects your mouse and touchpad from damage.

What is Auto Clicker for PC?

Auto Clicker PC is a free utility program that can help you save a lot of time and effort. It’s a popular program among gamers since it allows them to automate repetitive mouse clicks, which are frequently necessary in many games in order to achieve a high score. The little programme uses few system resources and effectively automates mouse-related chores.

Download Auto Clicker for PC


  • There are a few sophisticated tools in PC Auto Clicker that are specifically created for gamers. The application allows you to design a series of mouse click sequences that may be executed with a single click of a button. You can also program several hotkeys, use the click feature to enter commonly used words, and add repetitive phrases as needed.
  • You may also use the application to record an entire mouse click routine, where you click on different sections of the screen one by one. You can repeat this entire input at a later time by pressing the assigned hotkey. As a result, the app’s ability to just click now extends to a full sequence, which you may automate if you like.

Is the PC Auto Clicker UI user-friendly?

You’ll see an installation window when you finish the free GS Auto Clicker download on your PC, and you’ll need to click the ‘Next’ icon until it’s installed. After that, you can immediately start the software and begin using it. The program’s user interface is simple but outdated. By exposing only a few key functions on the screen, the app makes itself accessible to people who aren’t tech-savvy.

How does PC Auto Clicker work?

PC Auto Clicker offers a straightforward UI that lets you construct a variety of mouse click sequences. To make a change, go to the available options menu and select which mouse button you’d want to use. The number of clicks necessary must then be multiplied by the click interval time. Then you’ll need to assign a hotkey to make this configuration repeat itself every time you click on it.

You can utilize the hotkey to have the application do a certain sequence of clicks for you anytime you need it. Because the app is small, it won’t take up a lot of system resources or slow down your computer. Another feature of the application is Smart Click, which keeps track of all your preferences so you may refer to them whenever you need to.

Another useful feature of this program is the ability to do a job after the clicking period has ended. For example, once the application has completed the specified amount of clicks, it can lock your computer, put it to sleep, close a window, or record and replay the clicks.

Pros & Cons


  • Downloading and using the software is completely free.
  • Automates with a single click.
  • Users can create multiple click sequences using this feature.


  • It’s possible that not everyone will like the UI.