Easy Auto Clicker

The application Easy Auto Clicker allows you to automate mouse clicks. It is no longer essential to click the mouse manually. You can use an auto clicker to automate the act of clicking on a specific spot on the screen again and over again. Shortcuts on the keyboard can also be configured. A dark mode is now available in our new version.

Do you need a head start in a game? A free auto clicker will easily fulfill all of your clicking needs. On one very simple program, you can pick between right and left mouse clicks, as well as the time delay between each click.


Depending on the target point and click speed, the number of clicks, right mouse button, left mouse button, and other operations will be performed on your screen at a fixed location.

Mouse clicker is a mouse clicker for Android, Windows PC, and Mac computers. Simply select the relevant device and obtain a free download.

You can save and record a series of tasks, and the auto clicker will complete them for you.


  • Start/Stop with a hotkey.
  • You have the option of using buttons or hotkeys.
  • To try it out, there’s an in-built programme.
  • You can adjust the settings to click after a particular amount of time has passed.
  • Right or left mouse click is an option.
  • It has a nice user interface.

Download Easy Auto Clicker


Q. What is the most effective Auto Clickers in the market?

OP, GS, Free Mouse, and Fast Mouse Clicker Pro are some of the most reliable Auto Clickers for automating chores available on the internet. The majority of them are free to download and use because they are open-source. You do not need to purchase a subscription.

Q. How do I use Auto Clicker to automate a task?

To begin, you must first download and install them on your computer. The time interval must be specified in hours, minutes, seconds, or milliseconds. Then, choose your click selections and the amount of times Auto Clicker should repeat.

Q. How much do Auto Clickers cost?

No, most Auto Clickers do not require payment to use. Free Auto Clicker GS, OP, or Auto Clicker Typer are free to use and are part of the open-source community. Auto Clicker, on the other hand, has a few lines of coding, and the developers will be unable to profit from it.

Q. Is it safe to use an Auto Clicker?

Until your system detects Auto Clicker, the clicking activity will pose no threat to your computer. Auto Clicker does not include any viruses or malware, according to security assessments. However, be wary of Auto Clickers that execute background programmes in order to steal data from your computer.