Free Auto Clicker

Without pressing any mouse buttons, auto-click! On every screen or window on your computer, Free Auto Clicker can imitate left and right clicks. When you are not near the computer, it executes the identical clicks you recorded automatically. It frees you from repetitive labor that needs a lot of clicking, allowing you to spend more time doing things you enjoy.

What is a Free Auto Clicker?

Free Auto Clicker can help you whenever you need to click the mouse – whether you’re playing games, using an app that doesn’t have batch processing capabilities, voting online, or clicking on any form of webpage. You may always rely on Free Auto Clicker to do your task of clicking.


Free Auto Clicker provides you with every feature that you can need. It displays the precise X and Y coordinates of the clicked place. You can record several click points and save them as a script to use again and again. You can modify the time interval between each click and even create a schedule to halt the clicking.

Repeated clicking can damage your mouse, as well as cause numbness, swelling, and other symptoms in your wrist joints. Free Auto Clicker can safeguard your health and spare your mouse from wear and tear, so you won’t have to continually buy new mice or seek medical treatment.

Download Free Auto Clicker


Free Auto Clicker is a useful tool for clicking your mouse buttons automatically, making mouse clicks faster and more precise. It can replicate left and right clicks, freeing your hands from repetitive, time-consuming chores.

● Calculation of X and Y Coordinates:

Don’t worry if you don’t have the exact X and Y coordinates on your screen; Free Auto Clicker includes a coordinate calculator that will compute them for you. Simply drag the mouse pointer to the location where you want the programme to click, then press the spacebar to preserve the click at that location.

● Script Recording Commands:

You can record one or several clicks with the Free Auto Clicker. It generates a list of mouse clicks in order, allowing you to record several specific points using the coordinate calculator and then click them in order with Start. You can save the list as a FAC file and load it the next time you need to do the same operations.

● Schedule & Time Interval:

You can set the click interval, pause between clicks, and have the program terminate after a certain number of clicks and time, all while keeping track of the count. It automates mouse clicks, making scheduling tasks easier and more precise than ever before.

● Investing and shopping assistance:

If you invest in the stock or forex markets, you’re more likely to spend a lot of time at the computer placing time-critical orders as the market moves, or you might wish to post a last-second bid on eBay while you’re gone. All of this is possible with Free Auto Clicker.

● Assist Your Game:

If you enjoy PC and online games, Free Auto Clicker can let you enjoy them without having to deal with the annoying and constant clicking that comes with them. You may go out and spend more time with your friends and families while the computer takes care of feeding your pets, mining, woodcutting, fishing, forging a large quantity of equipment such as weapons and armors, and so on. It’s a lot of fun!

● Clicking on Web Pages Automatically:

If you are constantly surfing the internet, you may come across a number of web pages that demand you to sit and click for a period of time in order to reach your objectives, such as online slot machine games, bingo, news, and broadcast sites. Some pages may also include online polls that allow for multiple votes. Free Auto Clicker automates the process of clicking on all of these pages for you.

● Useful for Webcams:

Some Webcam applications require users to click to take a photo, making it difficult to strike a good stance because your arm length is limited and you must stretch out to click the mouse! Set the Auto clicker on the Take Picture button, and all you have to do now is concentrate on your posture.

● Hotkeys:

To use Free Auto Clicker, you don’t have to click on the buttons. Start/stop auto-clicking, record coordinates, and clear the command list with the Hotkeys.

Is it Safe to use Free Auto Clicker?

Free Auto Clicker is a non-registered freeware programme. Anyone who has downloaded and installed it will get free updates and technical help in the future. Free Auto Clicker is completely free of viruses and is safe to use on any computer. Adware, spyware, malware, and viruses are not present. Free Auto Clicker is ideal for all types of users, skilled or inexperienced. All actions are controlled via hotkeys. It also allows you to fine-tune the number of times you click, the duration of each click, and the interval between clicks. The only thing you have to do now is enter the number. You can also stack windows on top of one other if necessary.