GS Auto Clicker

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Many of us would like not to have to keep clicking. If you’re one of these people, then GS Auto Clicker is for you. It’s an application that can imitate your computer’s clicks.

Nothing beats the GS Auto Clicker for simplicity and safety when it comes to auto clickers. You may enable auto-clicking with only a single hotkey press. The GS Auto Clicker may greatly increase your working efficiency by allowing you to choose settings such as click intervals, multiple clicks, and click recording.

What is GS Auto Clicker?

The free utility tool GS Auto Clicker can help you save a lot of time and effort. It’s a popular tool among gamers since it allows them to automate repetitive mouse clicks, which are often required to earn a high score in many games. The small software consumes minimal system resources while effectively automating mouse-related tasks.


● Simple UI:

The program is well-optimized and does not place an undue strain on your computer’s hardware. It runs in the background without slowing down your computer.

● Virus-free:

It’s completely safe to use and won’t compel you to download any unwanted software. It is free of malware and viruses and poses no risk to your data. Even the website is simple to navigate.

● Free of cost:

The clicker is open-source software that you may use for free, so you won’t have to pay to unlock any features.

● There are no advertisements:

Last but not least, this software will not annoy you with advertisements.

Setting up Clicking Options or Intervals

  • Click on Options > Clicking > Repeat.
  • After that, specify how many clicks and how many seconds apart you require, and you’re ready to go.
  • The clicking options are set to “left mouse click” and “single-clicking” by default. The repeating interval, on the other hand, is set at 50 by default.
  • You can, however, configure both of these settings according to your tastes.
  • Furthermore, you may set up several clicks simply by going to the recording tab in the options menu. You can use this option to record and playback numerous clicks at different locations or even at the same time.

How to Use the Recording Function

  • Select “Record & Replay Multiple Clicks” from the “Record & Replay Multiple Clicks” menu to use the recording feature.
  • Now click on the point where you want the mouse to click and repeat until all of your clicks have been captured.
  • In the “Click Records Option,” you’ll see the number of clicks you’ve made.
  • After you’ve finished recording your clicks, press “Okay” and activate the HotKey to begin automated recorded clicking.
  • You may also select the click repetition settings by going to Settings > Clicking > Repeat. You may use this to make a macro that uses both recorded clicks and multiple clicks at the same time.
  • When you’re not using it, untick the “Record and Replay Multiple Clicks” option.

Additional Settings:

  • You can customize the way the software operates while clicking by going to “Options > Settings > View.” You’ll be given two options: “Hide When it’s Clicking” or “Show When it’s Done Clicking.”
  • Other than that, you can go to “Options > Settings > Other” to find and configure what happens when you click.


Q1: Is it safe to use the GS auto clicker?

Ans: There are no viruses or hazardous codes in Auto Clicker. As a result, you can use this auto clicker without fear of losing any files or data, or of the program harming your computer in any way.

Simply ensure that you download the auto clicker from the official website listed in the downloading process; otherwise, you’ll have no idea what you’re getting.

Q2: Is the GS auto clicker available for free?

Yes, of course! The GS auto clicker is fully free to use, as all features are available without charge, and there is no paid version.

Q3: How can I speed up the GS auto clicker?

Ans: To speed up the GS auto clicker, launch the app and go to settings > bring your pointer to Clicking > Select Repeat. To achieve more CPS, fill in the number of clicks you want in Repeat and keep the Interval to a minimum.


GS Auto Clicker is a simple tool that will save you time and effort. As a result, it’s a programme worth downloading. It includes a lot of important features and functions, such as the ability to automate clicks and create a pattern that repeats itself with just one click.