Mac Auto Clicker

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MurGaa created Auto Clicker for Mac, a company that has created multiple Mac auto clickers over the years, one of which we’ve written about below.

Auto Clicker for Mac can be set to do an infinite number of clicks wherever your cursor is, stopping only when you explicitly stop them. To stop and start the programme, use the Auto Clicker buttons, the middle mouse button (if you have one), or a keyboard shortcut you set up in the application.

By entering the delay in seconds and milliseconds, Auto Clicker for Mac allows you to customise how much time passes between each click. If you configure the millisecond delay appropriately, you may programme it to click 50 times in 50 seconds or 50 times in 1 second.

This programme also allows you to set a maximum number of clicks, which is useful for click-based games that disable or prohibit you if you click too many times in a short period of time. To avoid being banned from a game, check the terms and conditions to see if there are any click limitations, and adjust Auto Clicker for Mac accordingly!

In Auto Clicker for Mac, you can also toggle on and off clicking sounds, as well as set the clicks to be ordinary left- or right-clicks on your Mac.

There is a free trial period for Auto Clicker for Mac, but after that it costs $6.54 for six months of use on a single Mac. Although there are numerous free auto clickers for Mac listed below, the level of control and diversity provided by this one may make it worthwhile to pay for.

You may customise two sorts of keys with this tool.

  • One is in charge of starting and stopping the automation ( Hotkey )
  • Second, these keys are screen locations for the clicks that are being targeted.

Mac Auto Click has the following features

  • Create an infinite number of clicks.
  • Make use of script files and macros.
  • In a single task, there are multiple actions.
  • Right, left, and central buttons should all be automated.
  • It’s completely free to download.
  • interval of time
  • Customize your hotkeys.


This is the quickest automation tool for Mac, and it can quickly complete repetitive activities in games, data entering, and clicking, among other things. Use it to benefit from a sophisticated and useful tool that will make your life easier.