Speed Auto Clicker

Autoclicking is a feature that allows a user to automate certain actions on a computer without having to use a mouse. The fastest auto clickers for PC, MAC, and Linux are available for free download here. An autoclicking utility programme can also help you increase your mouse’s CPS.

The number of clicks a user may make with a mouse or keyboard is measured in clicks per second (CPS). A click speed test is used to determine one’s click speed, which is an important ability in most online games. Various applications can be used to compute the CPS rate, which is the number of clicks a user makes in a particular amount of time. Using a Speed Auto Clicker is one of the most ingenious techniques for not only getting a good click speed but also doing spectacularly in games.

What is a Speed Auto Clicker?

Speed Auto Clicker is an application whose name is self-explanatory. It’s a tool that lets users automate clicks according to their preferences, at a certain time interval, and in a specific position.

This application is simple to understand and even simpler to set up. This, like other comparable applications, does not imply that internet businesses will be duped into thinking the button is being hit by a real person, therefore you’ll have to do it yourself.


The program has a contemporary appearance and feel to it. It’s simple, with all of the functionality clearly labeled. As a result, figuring out what to modify will be a breeze. Choose a button to start the auto-click feature, and be sure to tell it which apps can use it. Then choose the mouse click type that corresponds to the button you wish to imitate.

What technique will be utilized to turn on the functionality of the program? You can either hold a button-down or use the Switch function. Then you’ll have to choose the most important factor, which is the click rate.

For those who use this software online, the Anti-detection variable click rate is the best solution. All clicking actions appear human by giving click commands at varying intervals within the defined interval. You can also set a click limit if this is the case.

SpeedAutoClicker is a slick application that, owing to its various capabilities and great labeling and representation of all functions accessible to the user, will make auto-clicking look to be a breeze. It differentiates itself by keeping things as simple as possible, despite the fact that it doesn’t offer anything particularly new.

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● Hotkeys:

You have complete control over the hotkey used to launch the Auto Clicker.

● App Selection:

Choose one or more apps (software programmes) on which Auto Clicker should operate. The Auto Clicker will only click in these apps from then on.

● Anti-Detection:

Third-party applications do not recognize the Auto Clicker when it is in use.

● Activation Mode:

Switch (the Auto Clicker only clicks for as long as the Hotkey is pressed) or Hold (the Auto Clicker clicks for as long as the Hotkey is pressed) (the Auto Clicker clicks until the Hotkey is pressed again).

● Limitation on clicking:

Allow the Mouse Clicker to click until a certain number is reached (e.g. up to 1000). You can see how many times the button has been pressed.

● Click-through-rate:

You can set the Auto Clicker’s preferred click rate (for example, 500) per second.