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You can use auto clicker to automate the operation of continually clicking on a specific location on the screen. You can also program keyboard shortcuts.

Choose a target point and take action: The number of clicks, right mouse button, left mouse button, and other actions will be done on your screen at the fixed location depending on the target point and click speed.

Available on a variety of platforms: Mouse clicker is a clicker that works on Android, Windows PC, and Mac. Simply choose the appropriate device and download for free.

Play and recording: You can record and save a set of actions, and the auto clicker will complete them for you automatically.

The Auto Clicker Program has the following features

  • Continue clicking: You can use the software to effortlessly automate operations by continually automating mouse clicks on any region of the screen for you or any predefined location.
  • Gamer’s Guide: Gamers can utilise it to click continuously and reach specific game goals in order to win.
  • Roblox and Minecraft: You can obtain an advantage in both games by clicking quickly or fighting.
  • Quick Clicks: To eventually overpower opponents, characters will hurl quick punches or swing swords.
  • Input of data: Filling out online forms, mechanical data entry, logbook entry, and data cross-checking are all possible with it.
  • 100% Safe & Free: Our auto clicker, unlike others, is safe and secure. You won’t have to worry about anything while utilizing it.

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What is it about our Auto Clicker that makes it so unique?

Despite the fact that there are numerous clicker apps on the market, they all have the ability to destroy your computer. This software is the most recent version and is available for free download on our website.

  • Click Interval:

The Click Interval is the first setting you’ll need to define if you’re using the OP Auto Clicker 3.0’s basic configuration. This option controls the amount of time that passes between two successive clicks, as its name implies.

Hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds are used to divide time. You can adjust it to be quick or slow depending on your needs. The fastest click setting is to set all of the divisions to zero.

  • Select a Type:

You can choose between a right-click and a left-click. You’ll have the option of using single, double, or triple clicks.

A few programmes also provide you the option of selecting the centre click. Select a suitable location.

  • Click Repeat:

The amount of clicks that the clicker will perform is determined by Click Repeat. Put a numerical value in the click counter if you want a limited number of clicks. Alternatively, select ‘Repeat Until Stopped.’

The clicker will only stop if you manually touch the stop mouse button on the floating clicker panel or use the hotkeys once it has started.

  • Target Points:

Target Points are predetermined locations on the screen where the clicker will place his or her cursor. You can either enter an X and Y coordinate for a click point or move your mouse pointer to a specific spot on the screen and press ‘Current Cursor fixed Location.’

If you choose ‘Dynamic Cursor Location,’ the clicker will track the movement of the mouse actions and click at the same time. There are numerous customization choices available to you.

  • Selection of HotKeys:

Select hotkeys to start and stop the hotkeys, and hit the hotkeys you selected to view the mouse actions once you’ve modified all of the above backdrop settings. If you press the stop hotkey and then the start hotkey, it will begin at the last fixed location, which is when you pushed the stop hotkey.

  • Mouse Clicking Speed:

As previously stated, placing zeros in all click interval divisions will result in the quickest set of clicks. This is ideal for features like double-clicking, triple-clicking, and middle-clicking.

  • Recording Clicks:

The Record and Playback feature on advanced clickers can be effectively used to boost the clicker’s productivity. This function allows you to record a series of clicks and have it repeat the sequence over and over again.

This will come in helpful when you have to utilise more than one mouse button in incremental games like minecraft or roblox to efficiently set numerous click points in a short period of time. The recording can also be saved for later use.

  • Numbered Clicks:

Users can save a series of clicks that can be made anywhere on the screen using the Numbered Clicks functionality. The clicks will be saved in numerical sequence and played out in the same manner. This feature generally allows you to store and play up to 10 clicks.


Q1. What is the procedure for enabling the Auto Clicker?

Ans: Once you’ve downloaded a clicker and configured the necessary parameters, you can either start it by pressing the ‘Start’ switch on the clicker’s interface or by pressing the start Hotkey.

Q2. Is it illegal to use Auto Clickers?

Ans: While using Autoclicker is unethical in the gaming community and banned in professional contests, they are absolutely good for everyday use and can be downloaded without hesitation.

Q3. Which Auto Clicker is the best?

Ans: The best auto clicker has to be OP, regardless of the operating system you’re running. It’s quick, virus-free, and uses very little CPU power.

Q4. What is the procedure for using Autoclicker EXE?

Ans: Launch the application after it has been installed on your PC, enter the various parameters (Target Point, Click Interval, Click Type, and Click Repeat), and press the start button. The hotkey can also be used to start and stop the clicker.

Q5. What is the purpose of auto clickers?

Auto clickers are primarily used to play ideal clicker games. The gaming community is the primary source of downloads. Read our article on how to use an auto clicker for more information.

Q6. In Windows 10, how can I make my mouse auto-click?

Ans: You can download a variety of clicker apps, like the OP auto clicker and GS auto clicker, which are both compatible with Windows 10. These will assist you in automating your device’s mouse clicks.

Q7. Is AutoClicker a computer program?

Ans: Auto Clicker isn’t a bot because its only job is to click once or twice on a certain spot on the screen. A bot, on the other hand, is designed to communicate with users and hence has a more complex code structure.

Q8: How can I get my phone to click on its own?

Ans: You may get the autoclicker app for free on your Android or iOS phone and start auto-clicking right away.